Friday, January 25, 2013

Little William Yau: A Case of Society's Crumbling Humanity

I got lost once when I was 5 years old, and my parents didn't even worry.

I still remember the incident well; a 5 year old kid in his pajamas, wandering around the former City Square mall in KL. My parents were doing their shopping at Metrojaya, and I was restless. I walked off to the nearest Toys R' Us without them knowing and before long, had gotten myself lost. The fact that I'm writing this right now is proof enough that nothing untoward happened to me.

The same cannot be said of little William Yau.

The William Yau case, which has dominated headlines and various social networking sites has come to the worst conclusion possible. Little William's badly decomposed body was found floating in a river in Klang, a week after the news of his disappearance set into motion a huge search for him. I feel a heavy sense of grief weighing down on my person, I feel the pain of little William's family members, the pain of losing someone dear.

While the blame has been shifted from the parents negligence to the police's failure to properly search for the missing boy, there is no one at greater fault that the monsters who kidnapped and killed little William. Anyone who finds it necessary to harm and ultimately kill a small, innocent boy cannot possibly be human. It is an act that is uncalled for, and which proves that our society is slowly descending into the depths of inhumanity.

As I was discussing the sad news with my parents, I found out more details about the time I got lost. Apparently, my dad had totally forgotten that I had ever gotten lost before, while my mom was adamant that it was entirely my fault, and I quote; "for being naughty." When I asked them whether they felt worried for my safety, or whether or not I'd get kidnapped, both of them simultaneously shook their heads. "Did you ever get lost? I don't remember. Stop making up stories." my dad told me. "You weren't a cute boy, no one would have wanted you anyways." my mom cruelly added.

The fact is, I did get lost before when I was a kid and my parents didn't worry about me one bit. Rather, they didn't have to worry about me because never in their wildest imaginations would they have thought that someone would just kidnap me. I remember wandering around the mall, probably bawling my eyes out and looking for my parents. No strangers pulled me into a car and drove off, no one approached me with the intention of kidnapping me for ransom. I just kept on wandering around the mall until I reached the security desk.

"I bought a lot of things at Metrojaya," my mom continued, "and then there was an announcement from the security office saying that a small boy had been found. It was then that I looked around and realized, 'Oh, where's Joel?'"

I remember all the troublesome situations me and my brother used to get ourselves into. We would wander off to the nearest toy store alone, and our parents would just continue their own shopping. Were we worried that there would be someone who could, at any moment, snatch us up and sell us to some faraway country? I'd have to admit, no we didn't because we were young and all we knew was to have fun. But what of our parents? Were they not worried that their two beloved sons would end up as beggars in Timbuktu? I'm sure they were but they had their own way of showing it. Before you hastily jump to the conclusion that my parents were terrible and unfit to be parents, I'd have you know that I grew up fantastically well because of them.

This case is a startling comment on the current world we're living in. Where was the worry? Where is the overwhelming fear? The fact is, it was minimal. We lived in a world that actually knew what the world 'safe' meant. We lived in a world where people didn't see a little boy wandering around as a "potential target" but rather as "a boy in need of help". What happened to humanity in the past 10- 15 years or so? Has humanity deteriorated so much? What normal being would consider harming a small boy, moreso murder him in cold blood?

I got lost once when I was 5 years old, and my parents didn't worry at all.

If it had happened in the world of today, I may have suffered the same fate as little William. May you rest in peace, little William. Let justice run its course and bring your murderer(s) to his/her rightful punishment.


  1. "You weren't a cute boy, no one would have wanted you anyways." Your mum is soooooo funny! HAHA Anyways, rumors has it that the culprit is actually his OWN parents that killed him. The police are still investigating this case though :s Scary much!

  2. I remember going to the DJ multiple times because I wander off too. My mum used to tell me to find Mr DJ if I can't find her. My mum as usual too busy shopping in Parkson or Metrojaya during Sales season. I'm still alive ! XD I think it's humans that are becoming inhuman nowadays :'(

  3. I totally feel you, Joel.. In fact , I feel the same way as you feel for William's parents... Sigh. He's such an adorable kid, nobody knows such unfortunate things would ever happen to him.. We can only pray for him..;) may he rest in peace...

  4. You sure it was a kidnap and kill case? I thought they're still investigating it? Then again, I still think that parents shouldn't leave younger ones all by themselves unsupervised especially during these times when crimes are high. Maybe it's just my thing not to leave them all by themselves.